Domba – Hibiscus Infusion Tea (Rosella)

Sheep – Hibiscus Tea Infusion derived from 100% dried rosella flower petals and contains no additional chemicals, rosella flower petals contains many antioxidants and rich in nutrients that are useful for the balance of the human body. Antioxidant compounds exist in Sheep – Hibiscus Infusion Tea is very useful in counteracting free radicals.

These drinks can be brewed with hot water and can be served with ice to add to the freshness of taste. Rosella flowers come from Africa. In the 17th century in Indonesia, this plant is used as an ornamental plant that has many health benefits.

Each 100 grams of roselle contains vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, high calcium, magnesium and omega 3, iron, beta carotene and essential acids. Rosella also contains high calcium in the amount of 486 mg in every 100-gram and 7.6 grams of protein. Rosella also contains 18 essential amino acids of the 22 types of the human body needs, 2 including arginine and lysine.